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Today businesses can hardly survive without the assistance of SEO services. When it comes to the companies that need their websites promoted to customers in multiple geographical locations, the focus on particular SEO services goes beyond the standard strategies. For instance, franchised businesses must have a different approach to promote their website(s) in multiple locations than a single site business.  Here are some essential facts to contemplate when looking for SEO services regarding multiple locations.

Dedicate a Separate Page for Each Location

A business can increase the effectiveness of their SEO services significantly by creating location pages. For instance, a company that has a location in three different cities can have a separate page for each town. Each of these pages must contain vital aspects such as the name of the location, the phone number, and the address respectively. In addition to that, it is a wise and useful move to add location-specific content to each of these pages (such as customer testimonials, related news, information of the staff, etc.). Also, embedding a Google map on each of these pages will be very helpful. In simplest terms, the respective business can consider these pages as mini websites.

Optimize Your Google My Business Listings

If you have a map listing on Google, you can claim that listing through your Google My Business account. Businesses that operate from multiple locations and need to get better web traffic should sign up for Google My Business using a company Google account.  Please note – do not allow a third party to claim this listing for you or else they will own the listing, not you. Once you have a Google My Business listing, you have the option to create listings for different business locations for the same business. Such an approach becomes handy when coupled with SEO services. If you are having a problem or need further guidance, please ask.  It is very important that it’s done correctly since this is the intellectual property of your business.

Managing Content Wisely

The content used for on-site SEO services must be carefully managed when it comes to multiple locations. The articles and other write-ups on separate location pages must be significantly unique. In addition to that, it is imperative to use location-specific keywords within the contents and as H1 headers whenever possible. However, this does not mean that the webmaster should “stuff” the keywords unnecessarily (meaning adding too many keywords on a page or in an article) and disturb the flow of the material.

Edge Digital offers a monthly blogging service that can help a website grow traffic and get ranked on Google.  Each month we talk to the client to find out what they want to focus on in their business, identify the correct keyword(s), and develop a blog title.  Our team of writers produces an SEO-optimized blog, and we find a matching stock photo image before scheduling the blog onto your website by the last week of the month for publishing the following month.

No matter how intense the competition is, the website owner must avoid black-hat SEO services, such as buying backlinks. Ethical SEO services may take some time to deliver results, but they don’t put the website’s existence in jeopardy!

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