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A Broad Overview of Local Search Engine Optimization

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SEO: Turn Your Google My Business into a Revenue Machine

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Why it’s Critical to Keep Your Website Updated Regularly

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On-Site SEO

On-site Search Engine Optimization 

Professional on-site optimization for your website. 

Every SEO company out there gets asked, “How do you do it?” There are a few things that are going to be common among all SEO companies, including us, such as the most basic technique of getting your website “right”. Our first priority when we work on a website is make sure all of the pages and content is optimized for search. You can’t build a house without a good foundation. It all starts with good on-site optimization, the basics have to be done right if you want any subsequent work to mean anything.

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Optimize your site for search engines


Our first priority is to start optimizing the content on your website to enable it to show up in search for the BEST results. It’s important to start strong so search engines pick up these improvements as fast as possible and fast track you website for better rankings. We’re very well versed in all of the different techniques that search engine’s like Google will consider. From page loading speed to image optimization and local location modifiers like city name and state, it all plays a critical role.

On-Site optimization sounds simple but it can actually be very complex, please do continue to read if you want more in-depth information about on-site SEO.

#EDGEdigital // The Value of Keywords


First and foremost, we want to go through all of your on-site content to ensure that it actually includes the words / keywords that you want to be found FOR. You would be surprised how often we take over a site and go in initially – just to find that it has absolutely no keywords on it and it’s not optimized in the slightest. One other common mistake we see is getting way too technical and using lingo or words that the average person is never going to search. You have got to target everything towards the group that will support your business!

What’s the value of titles, headers, and keywords?

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What exactly is a title tag and what’s with all the emphasis on it? Have you ever looked to the top of your browser and checked out what it says in the tab? That is your page title. It’s a broad overview of what your page is about overall and it’s important to remember that both potential customers and Google are going to look at that before they visit your page. If it doesn’t sound relevant to them, that’s a click and/or traffic lost.


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It’s critical that as people read through or scan your content they need headers to help them navigate and better figure out where to find things. If you just have a wall of content with no breaks or distinction, no one will sit down and read that. Google also looks at your headers as another indication of what your content is about, so if you have your keywords in there it’s going to make your post even stronger.

What’s the value of titles, headers, and keywords?

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All of these factors help Google and other search engines understand more about your business and feel more confident ranking you. So the more headers, keywords, etc. you have that relate to your business, the better you can expect to rank for those things overall. 

Quality Content

Why is the content on your site so critical?

You really don’t need to be a genius to write some decent website content. It doesn’t need to be an agonized-over, checked and rechecked piece of artwork that takes hours and hours. It just needs to be something unique and, ideally, relevant to your business and what you do. If you are a plumber, the content on your website needs to be strictly about plumbing, so as not to confused website visitors, which can hurt your rankings for plumbing keywords.

As a business owner you have to realize that yes, it’s important that you like the website, but at the end of the day, all that matters is if you’re ranking well and converting customers. If you tell your SEO person they aren’t allowed to change your content because it’s special to you, prepare yourself for middling results.

Get Ranking Now

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