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What Makes a Website ADA Compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA) requires websites to follow specific guidelines to increase viability and accessibility. Ensuring a site is ADA compliant might seem complicated, with guidelines that are hard to follow, but that is not true. Advice on how to...

What are Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

As more and more people grow dependent on the internet for work, personal needs, and leisure, it is becoming ever more important for websites to be easily accessible. A large component of this is ensuring a site is compliant with the guidelines set forth by the...

A Broad Overview of Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Rankings for Your Business You’ve probably heard the term "local SEO" many times now, so what is it all about? It is sort of self-explanatory, but there are small differences in every single different SEO job that we do, no two businesses are the same and...

SEO: Turn Your Google My Business into a Revenue Machine

Local businesses typically have had two strategies to get found by their audience online. Ranking their website on the first or second page of Google. Google Ads. Recently, we have noticed Google has been de-prioritizing organic search results in favor of ads and what...

Why it’s Critical to Keep Your Website Updated Regularly

Maintaining the Optimal Website Your Edge Digital Raleigh Web Design can provide as much or as little web maintenance as you may need. We can and do maintain a number of different websites, on different hosting and using different systems overall. Using CMS systems -...
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marketingDigital Marketing Agency Wilmington

Edge Digital takes all your businesses goals, challenges, and needs with the utmost seriousness, and we work hard to craft digital solutions that will drive greater revenue directly to your company, all done in-house by us. Digital marketing is a really extensive sector, at Edge Digital we do our best to provide as broad of a selection of services as we can, so we can deliver the best overall results to our customers. If you genuinely want to increase your business, it is so important that you use digital marketing correctly. We are going to go more in-depth into these individual variables so you can find a clearer idea of just what and how much we do for you. It’s tough to comprehend the true effect of a excellent digital marketing and advertising plan for your company unless you have experienced it firsthand and noticed the results it has.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Our seasoned digital growth and expert web professionals can help guide your electronic decisions and steer your business towards the best chances of success. Before you allow yourself spend a single penny on advertisements or create a single social media post, you want to get a comprehensive marking strategy intended. Our marketing specialist work directly with you to develop a plan, execute that plan perfectly, and provide you with plain English reports that you can understand. We have seen all too many companies just throw money at random marketing techniques hoping one will work for them, and this is among the absolute worst thing you can do for your business. Learn more about our strategy & planning services here.

With a population of 123,744 in 2019, Wilmington, NC is the eighth-most populous city in the state. It’s a pretty unique place, In 2014 Wilmington’s riverfront was ranked as the “Best American Riverfront” by readers of USA Today, and it’s mere minutes away from a number of different wonderful beachfront. The USS North Carolina is held here as a war memorial, and it’s also home to many active Coast Guard vessels. Surprisingly, it’s also a hotbed of film activity, numerous movies and TV shows have been made directly in the area. Past entertainment UNCW calls Wilmington home and is part of the UNC school system. There is no shortage of activity of people in the Wilmington area, it’s a great place to live and grow a business!

Free eBook: 25 Traffic Hacks to Double Your Website Traffic in 2020

If you’re ready for a professional agency like Edge Digital to take over your Digital Marketing, please contact us! Not right in the Wilmington, NC area? Check out our New Bern, NC service area page if that’s closer for you!

Social Media Management

As social media only gets bigger with time, you’re making a mistake by not having active profiles for your business. When you’ve got Edge working on your social networking plan, you can rest assured that we’re using every avenue we can to market for you. We find the most beneficial platforms to post on for you and really dig into our reception and analytics to get you the best results possible. As we handle these smaller tasks, it opens up much more time for you to actually spend running and dealing with your business. Learn more about our social media services here.

Wilmington Website Development

website designYour site is more than a flyer for your small business, it’s a massive digital asset that directly reflects who you are as a company and the value you can provide your customers. We pride ourselves on building fully-responsive WordPress websites. Life is busy these days, people don’t have the time nor patience to just sit there and look all-around your website to find what they’re looking for. Nothing is worse than trying to pull up a site on your phone merely to need to zoom in and fight to navigate it. That’s enough to make pretty much everyone leave right there. We don’t call a job done until your website is fully mobile optimized. People just aren’t going to convert on a website that isn’t well-made. Learn more about website development here.

Search Engine Optimization

Of all the digital marketing tools available now, SEO is still definitely among the most powerful on the market, if you are not doing SEO in combination with the rest of your digital efforts, you are only hurting your company. The higher your website ranks for your target keywords, the more volume of relevant traffic you will receive, every time. Search engine optimization is basically just taking all of the factors that we know Google looks at when considering rankings and we optimize those as best we can. Learn more about our SEO services here.

Local Search Engine Optimization Wilmington, NC

seoThe major goal with local search engine optimization is getting you found in your area for the services or products that you offer. Someone in Texas wouldn’t want to get a result for a massage parlor in Arkansas, for example. With local SEO things have to be crafted in such a way as to affirm that you are where you say, and you do the services or sell the products that you claim. Google works hard to connect people to local businesses if you are coming up in the first few results for your target keywords you should see some terrific organic traffic coming directly to your site. A good SEO campaign can drive a massive amount of traffic to any site, and not only will they get there but they’re more likely to convert since they should already be looking for what you offer when coming to your site.

Email Marketing

Email advertising is your chance to get the attention of existing customers and reach out to potential new ones with offers and info. Right off the bat, we will say nobody likes getting those low-effort mass emails from huge companies. They are annoying and quickly deleted before even being looked at. Email marketing is so powerful if done correctly, it is a terrific way of driving traffic to your site, advertising new services and products, and is one of the most affordable and sustainable digital marketing practices out there. Edge Digital can help you implement an email strategy to reach out to existing customers and potential new ones alike and give them all a reason to come back to your business. Learn more about our digital marketing solutions here.

Video Marketing

Default Alt Tag for this pageTo successfully market a company, you are going to need a good deal of content to use. More so than any other digital content, video is personal and forms some sort of feeling of connection. See with content like blog posts, those could truly be written by anyone. Videos literally show you who is in them, they’re a great way to connect to people. Video advertising has shown our customers fantastic effects before, they’re the ideal means to inform, educate, or entertain in the most efficacious manner. Learn more about our digital marketing solutions here.

Higher Rankings, More Traffic!

Today’s online-connected businesses are starting to rely on SEO (search engine optimization) to drive online traffic, and thus customers to their business websites. These often mean more common search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google as they get nearly all of the search traffic online. We also look at a huge number of other factors like; Google Local, Google Maps, YouTube videos, Facebook business pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Directory listings, and Reputation management. We can handle so many different aspects of information sharing for you.

Our big goal is to connect the great people of Wilmington with the best businesses around them, hopefully, you! The top 5 results in Google get at least 75-85% of the total clicks on the page. Beyond that, the first result will easily get over half of those clicks. For the right keywords, those numbers can be massive. Even just moving up a few spots in the rankings can drive a noticeable amount more traffic to you.

How Does Edge Digital Manage all of This?

website auditWe put a lot of research and effort into our search engine optimization strategies, not only do we want to push your website but we want your social media accounts to get more visits/follows, and so much more.  We have the experience under our belt to know what should and shouldn’t work well, and how to approach all of those different things. Do be aware that rankings are volatile, sometimes they change from day to day then other times remain stagnant for hours at a time. There are always going to be more people trying to pass you in the rankings, never forget that!

With a lot of moving parts, a couple of mistakes can lead to big drops in a short amount of time. With how hard it can be to make any real progress in SEO, it takes a watchful eye to even maintain these rankings. A few years back Google claimed to have over 30 trillion web pages indexed. The sheer number of pages they deal with can lead to delays in ranking changes and indexing. Never get complacent and tell yourself that you’ve done “enough” SEO because frankly, that’s impossible. Every single business ranking underneath you in the search engines is trying to surpass you, if you stop SEO work then they are 100% going to accomplish that goal, Google loves activity and seeing new things happen to a site/business.

ADA Website Accessibility & Compliance

website accessibilityDid you know that legally your website needs to be easily accessible to everyone, even those with disabilities that may hinder the normal ways we share and gather information online? Knowing that, do you really think your website is as accessible as it needs to be? Chances are extremely high that you and your business are in danger of being sued because of a lack of compliance, and that’s just not something you can have hanging over your head. Luckily for you, at Edge Digital we have an incredible tool that allows us to scan an entire website and find out where it may be lacking compliance. Our web team can then go directly in, make the needed changes, and just like that you’re compliant and in the clear of any potential lawsuits or issues. Learn more about our ADA website accessibility services.

Raleigh Digital Marketing is here to help you. We’ve spent a long time doing business and making connections around the Wilmington area and beyond, we’re proud to become part of the communities that we are. Could our Google AdWord services be for you? Or our social media marketing? What about our SEO services? We offer a wide variety of services, a combination of all of them could do amazing things for your business!