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What Makes a Website ADA Compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA) requires websites to follow specific guidelines to increase viability and accessibility. Ensuring a site is ADA compliant might seem complicated, with guidelines that are hard to follow, but that is not true. Advice on how to...

What are Web Content Accessibility Guidelines?

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A Broad Overview of Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Rankings for Your Business You’ve probably heard the term "local SEO" many times now, so what is it all about? It is sort of self-explanatory, but there are small differences in every single different SEO job that we do, no two businesses are the same and...

SEO: Turn Your Google My Business into a Revenue Machine

Local businesses typically have had two strategies to get found by their audience online. Ranking their website on the first or second page of Google. Google Ads. Recently, we have noticed Google has been de-prioritizing organic search results in favor of ads and what...

Why it’s Critical to Keep Your Website Updated Regularly

Maintaining the Optimal Website Your Edge Digital Raleigh Web Design can provide as much or as little web maintenance as you may need. We can and do maintain a number of different websites, on different hosting and using different systems overall. Using CMS systems -...
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When Siri first showed up in 2011, it was a novelty, something fun to play around with. But voice assistants have changed a lot since then.  With a variety of voice-activated technologies, such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, people are becoming familiar with speaking commands. There is still a lot of growth potential for search marketing.

AI technology powers voice search, increasing voice recognition accuracy to 95% since 2013, according to Google.

Optimize your website content for voice

People type and speak very differently, so be mindful of semantic differences in queries. If someone wants to buy a voice assistant for their home, they may type “home voice assistants” into Google. However, with voice search, they may say, “what is the best home voice assistant?”

Brainstorm questions someone might ask related to your high-value keywords. An easy way to find questions is to put your target keyword into a Google search. Google search has a “People Also Ask” feature that shows questions related to your search.

If you don’t already, consider adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) website page to your site at the minimum.
Map out your site pages and think of a question your customer may ask. Add that question to your FAQ page and link it to a specific page on the site that contains more details. The ultimate goal is to have every page on your website linked to an FAQ.

A mobile-friendly website should be a priority for your business in 2020 if you haven’t already. The latest Google algorithm update focused on “mobile-first” websites; thus, many sites lost ranking status in the past year.

People use their mobile web browsers or phone’s voice search capabilities to get information, such as location, hours, etc.) about local businesses they plan to visit.

The more you can optimize your site and content for local search results, the better optimized you’ll be for voice and mobile search queries.

According to ComScore, over 50% of the searches in 2020 will be from voice search. If your business needs help with making your website mobile and voice optimized, contact us today for a free quote.